“New Heroin” Addictive Painkiller Drug Crisis San Diego Conference

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(San Diego, CA) – The “new heroin” of addictive painkiller drugs, a regional and national crisis, will be discussed at a San Diego conference Monday, April 10 featuring Four-Star General Barry McCaffrey, the nation’s longest serving Drug Czar (1996-2001), now national security professor at West Point and a terrorism expert in the media, as well as San Diego Mayor Jerry Sanders, Phil Herschman, PhD, president of the Opiate Treatment Division of CRC Health Group, the country’s largest drug treatment provider, and 300 state drug treatment specialists.

At 8:30 a.m at the April 10 event, San Diego Mayor Jerry Sanders welcomes participants and issues a proclamation. At 10 a.m. General McCaffrey will give the keynote speech. Following both, there will be a press availability also including Phil Herschman and national and regional treatment leaders to provide additional details on the scope of the crisis and the conference agenda. The location is historic “Prado” at Balboa Park, 1549 El Prado, San Diego.

The conference will discuss the dimensions of the burgeoning crisis in San Diego and nationally, addiction as a chronic disease, and new ways to provide comprehensive treatment and prevention, including new medications to counter opiate addiction. The California Department of Alcohol and Drug Programs reports a slight decrease in heroin abuse in recent years but an upsurge in painkillers. The National Drug Intelligence Center confirms that OxyContin and heroin are “used as substitutes for one another.” Other abused opiate prescription painkillers include Vicodin, Dilaudid, codeine, morphine and fentanyl.

Other featured participants include Dr. Tom McLellan, Treatment Research Institute; Dr. Judith Reynolds, Narcotic Treatment Provider; Dr. Marcella Wilson, Addictionologist; Dr. Stewart Leavitt, Editor, Addiction Treatment Forum; and Ms. Rebecca Lira, Deputy Director, California Alcohol and Drug Programs.

The conference, “New Perspectives in Treating Opiate Addiction: A San Diego Treatment Community Symposium”, is hosted by CRC Health Group. The conference runs 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM.

Media note: Lunch will be provided for conference participants and media is welcome, following the 11AM news conference, both for lunch and for additional one-on-one interviews.

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