Bayside Marin Welcomes New Executive Director

Posted at October 8, 2009 | Categories : 2009 | 0 Comment

Pamela brings to Bayside her expertise in multi-disciplinary treatment for addiction, mental health disorders, eating disorders and other process addictions. She also specializes in treating post traumatic stress disorder as well as individuals who chronically relapse.

Having worked in some of the most respected and effective treatment centers in the country, Pamela knows how important it is to develop an individualized treatment plan that thoughtfully engages a client’s support system outside of the residential environment, something she says Bayside excels at. “Bayside takes full advantage of the rich, local resources by bringing nationally known speakers and mentors on a regular basis to work with clients and provide that extra inspiration that can so often make the difference for people who are ambivalent about their recovery or do not have the right tools to maintain their sobriety despite numerous past treatment attempts”, she says.

“One of the benefits of being back in the bay area, where I grew up, is that there are so many truly gifted people working in the helping profession and who choose to call this beautiful place home”, Pamela says, adding that she is “hopeful” for Bayside’s future. “In the year to come, we will continue to improve our excellent programming by providing additional specialized services for chronic relapse clients and clients who are dually diagnosed, including those who engage in process addictive behavior as well as those with mental health disorders”.

Bayside Marin, an 18-bed residential chemical dependency treatment program, which also offers outpatient services, is uniquely positioned to provide its clients with an individualized program that blends a world-class, peaceful, private environment with a solid, evidence-based program, preparing clients for their next step in the recovery process.

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