Meet Me In Saint Louis!

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You are probably familiar with Sober Living, one of CRC’s residential facilities located on the beach in Newport Beach , California. But you’ll probably be surprised to know that Sober Living has a location in the heartland of the United States – St. Louis, Missouri.

The Sober Living Midwest office is run by Tib Albach who has been a resource for the greater St. Louis area for several years. Tib and his staff (including office manager Bert Emmons) provide counseling, intervention, assessment, and facilitate support groups for families and individuals in recovery.

Most of the people who find their way to the Sober Living Midwest office do so from the “word of mouth” of the greater recovery community. Tib, Bert, and their group of volunteers are very knowledgeable about recovery and resources.

When a client comes to Tib’s office for help and is a good fit for the Sober Living by the Sea network of facilities in California, they can travel there to receive treatment and then have a great support system waiting for them when they arrive back in St. Louis.

If you’re ever in St. Louis please stop by and met Tib and his team.

For more information about Sober Living Midwest call Office Manager Bert Emmons at 314-909-0125. You can read more about their “focus on the family” by visiting

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