On the Right Trail – Oakley School Volunteers

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Park City, Utah’s Park Record newspaper recently reported that students from the Oakley School, a top college preparatory therapeutic boarding school located in Oakley, Utah, teamed up with local volunteers to replace a portion of the area’s “Mountain Trails” that had been destroyed.

The existing trail had disappeared due to construction and the installation of a ski lift said the article.

The volunteers worked all day Saturday, August 1st to hand cut a new section of trail.

“These are trails that locals love to use and it was great to get them back on the map again,” said Rick Fournier, field manager for Mountain Trails.

The project is part of a new initiative by City Hall and Mountain Trails to get people more involved in trail maintenance and development. Fifteen to 20 people came out to help with the project, including Oakley School students.

The project provided a unique opportunity for local businesses and volunteer groups to collaborate on a city project.

Oakley School (www.oakley-school.com) leads the country in providing sophisticated clinical support and a rigorous education for students preparing for a four-year college experience. Oakley focuses on a commitment to excellence and preparation for the future in four main areas of their lives: academic excellence, emotional well-being, experiential education, and a productive student life. A full curriculum includes honors courses and Advanced Placement (AP) classes. Clinical support and the exploration of new passions and healthy coping skills are developed through experiential opportunities and in day-to-day dorm interactions. At the Oakley School, teenagers excel in academics, acquire positive emotional communication and responsibility, and discover new strengths in physical adventures and community service.

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