CRC Hosts Press Event Addressing the ‘Treatment Gap’ in America

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Last week, CRC brought new insights (and some much needed rain) to the city of San Antonio, Texas.

On Thursday, June 23rd, CRC Health and Starlite Recovery Center hosted a panel discussion on innovative, science-based treatment approaches to reduce relapse. Attendees included leaders of prominent organizations such as San Antonio NCADD, Mothers Against Drunk Drivers, local health care providers, addiction specialists, the press, as well as staff from Starlite Recovery Center.

The media attention was tremendous including a pre-event live NBC interview with General McCaffrey and Andy Eckert, a flurry of radio interviews, and five TV stations at the event.

Attendees gathered at the Witte Museum Memorial Auditorium in San Antonio to learn about the latest developments in relapse prevention, including CRC’s Provita program which blends detox and residential treatment with the FDA-approved medication Vivitrol.

The press conference featured an impressive line-up of speakers, including:

  • 4-Star General Barry R. McCaffrey (retired) – Former U.S. Drug Czar
  • Andrew Eckert, CEO – CRC Health Group
  • Jerry Rhodes, COO – CRC Health Group
  • Walter W. Root, M.D., MBA – Co-President of the Bexar County Psychiatric Association
  • Molly Hazlett-Simmons – Miss Texas 2007
  • Harold Owens, Sr. Director – MusiCares/MAP Fund (the charity arm of the Grammy Organization)

In rousing fashion, General McCaffrey shed light on the scope of the addiction problem in the U.S., highlighting the fact that 24 million people (1.8 million in Texas alone) need help but do not receive it. He also shared a message of hope with those struggling with the abject misery of prescription opiate addiction.

CRC’s leadership, represented by Andy Eckert and Jerry Rhodes, expressed their commitment to closing the “treatment gap” in the U.S. by providing life-saving treatment to more families in need. Starlite Recovery Center, the oldest residential treatment center in the state, is aiding in this effort with its recent Tricare approval and launch of the Provita program.

Harold Owens, who works with famous and up-and-coming artists, and Molly Hazlett-Simmons, whose platform is drug and alcohol education, closed the hour with moving personal stories that underscored the devastating impact of addiction.

After the press conference, attendees were invited to take part in a collaborative question-and-answer session. For about 30 minutes, the group discussed the challenges of treating addiction and brainstormed ways to get local politicians, judges and other influential parties involved in improving the services available to those struggling with the disease of addiction.


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