National resource center “glass bubble”, nerve center of effort against drug addiction, to announce, demonstrate increasing calls of desperation:

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11AM FEB. 8, 20400 Stevens Creek Boulevard, Suite 600, Cupertino, CA 95014

(Cupertino, CA) — Former U.S. Drug Czar Four-Star General Barry McCaffrey and Dr. Barry Karlin CEO, CRC Health Group, the country’s largest addiction and specialty healthcare organization now with 137 facilities (up from 80 last year) in 29 states, state and local officials,   invite media to an important news conference with other government leaders at the company’s national headquarters in Cupertino, CA (near San Jose), at 11 AM Thursday, February 8.

The National Resource Center will announce the increasing number of desperate calls for help, and media will witness specialists fielding hundreds of calls at the event. The innovative and new National Resource Center providing treatment opportunities is a nerve center of the domestic effort to confront drug abuse — complementing the critical law enforcement side of the equation.  The National Resource Center was established in January, 2005 to confront the national treatment gap where 19.5 million Americans abuse drugs monthly according to HHS but only three million receive treatment.

At the news conference, CRC will celebrate and announce the first two years’ results for the “National Call Resource Center”, the “glass bubble” at CRC which now takes over 86,000 calls annually and routes over 37,000 (over 3000 a month, plus thousands more in other corporate locations).  The Resource Center directs these individuals desperately seeking help to drug, alcohol, and behavioral treatment programs across the country.

The National Resource Center not only routes individuals to CRC treatment facilities but, when one is not in a nearby location or right for the individual, sends as many as 90% of the calls to other treatment opportunities. Their mission is to provide access to help whether by CRC or another public or private provider.

The National Resource Center phone number, a helpline for those with addiction and behavioral health problems and families seeking help, is 866-549-5034 and the website address is Email inquiries can be sent to

In addition, CRC will be announcing that its over 60 exclusively methadone maintenance facilities (the most in the nation) for opiate addiction are now comprehensive, far more broad-reaching treatment centers for the range of drug addiction problems, providing counseling, treatment, and referrals for individuals with a variety of drug-related problems (including cocaine, methamphetamine, prescription drugs such as OxyContin, and designer and “club” drugs such as Ecstasy) and offering a range of solutions.  The term for this broader program is “COSAT”–or Comprehensive Outpatient Substance Abuse Treatment — and all CRC’s facilities now are working toward this service.

Media is invited to cover this important event announcing the high call numbers and the comprehensive drug treatment as important components of the nation’s effort to reduce the impact of drug abuse.

Lunch will follow the news conference and National Resource Center demonstration, where media is invited to stay for additional discussions with VIP’s, government leaders, and the CRC leadership and staff. Cupertino Mayor Kris Wang and Vice Mayor (and former Mayor) Patrick Kwok will be among the participants.

The address of CRC and the National Resource Center headquarters is 20400 Stevens Creek Boulevard, Suite 600, Cupertino, CA 95014.

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