Treatment for Behavioral Addictions and Emotional Health

In three decades of treating addictions and other disorders, we have been repeatedly reminded of one important fact: Treatment saves lives. That’s why some of the country’s most esteemed professionals come to work at CRC programs, and why thousands of people trust us with their care each day.

There is no uniform treatment option that meets the needs of all substance abuse patients. Finding the right treatment program involves careful consideration of the setting, length of care, philosophical approach, and the patient’s needs. While some patients succeed in outpatient facilities or day treatment, others require more intensive, long-term care at a residential treatment center.

Wherever individuals are in the life cycle of their disorders, CRC Health has a program to meet their needs. We provide comprehensive treatment to adults and adolescents at every level of care, from detoxification, inpatient rehab treatment, and partial hospitalization or day treatment to intensive outpatient, and extended care programs. Our programs address substance abuse from every angle, using traditional treatments such as the 12-step principles and individual and group cognitive-behavioral therapy, as well as alternative therapies such as experiential groups, yoga, meditation, trauma resolution groups, art therapy, and spirituality groups.

Our professional program staff understands that effective treatment requires a personalized treatment plan that is tailored to each patient’s drug abuse patterns and any co-occurring medical, psychiatric, or social problems. Whatever program is chosen, the ultimate goal is to enable each individual to achieve lasting sobriety.

Our drug treatment and alcohol rehabilitation options are designed to offer you a lifetime of support. We can help you design a treatment plan that fits your individual needs, regardless of your addiction.

Detoxification Programs

Until recently, alcoholics and drug addicts dreaded detox because it meant a painful and sometimes life-threatening “cold turkey” withdrawal. Now, doctors are able to give hospitalized substance abusers carefully chosen medications which can substantially ease withdrawal symptoms. Thus, when a detoxification program is done under medical supervision, it’s safer and less traumatic.

Detoxification will be the first step on the road to recovery for many people. Our medically supervised detoxification program allows the time needed for reducing withdrawal symptoms. We uses the best addiction medicine has to offer and specialize in cutting edge opiate detox techniques, including the use of buprenorphine (buprenex, subutex, suboxone) to ease the often painful effects of opiate detox and heroin detox.

The primary goal of detox is physical stabilization under the supervision of a physician certified in Addiction Medicine.

Professional addiction counselors will obtain a thorough medical history including alcohol and drug use. Medication may be prescribed to help ease the withdrawal symptoms associated with certain drug or alcohol use during detoxification.

Residential Treatment

Imagine finding the skills you need to change your life. The concepts of recovery are simple yet not often easy to incorporate into your life without the guidance, education and support that a residential program offers. Residential treatment programs for drug and alcohol addiction offer this support structure.

Our treatment team is dedicated to helping you start a solid foundation and develop a recovery plan based on the life skills needed to stay clean and sober one day at a time.

This is accomplished through group process, individual counseling, educational forums and exposure to the 12-Step Process and meetings. They physician and nursing staff continue to monitor any biomedical needs. By the end of residential treatment clients are made aware of the potential for relapse and the importance of continuing care involvement.

A structured daily schedule includes a variety of recovery-oriented activities, which may include group therapy, relapse prevention, education, 12-step meetings, mediation, yoga, recreational activities, cultural philosophy and treatment planning sessions with an experienced case manager. The result is a powerful experience.

Day Treatment

As a compliment to the detox and residential drug and alcohol treatment programs offered, day treatment allows you to participate in a drug and alcohol recovery program and return home every evening. Also available is an option for living in a safe, supportive, drug and alcohol recovery oriented environment at very affordable rates while attending this program.

By going home each evening, you have the opportunity to practice the principles of recovery in your daily life. By returning to the facility each day gives you the chance to share with peers and staff your successes and barriers of staying clean and sober.

Day treatment is best utilized as a continued treatment from residential or detox if you able to stay clean and sober without a 24-hour residential setting. Day treatment can offer a smooth transition back into the community with the continued support of peers and a caring treatment team.

Family Therapy Program

Drug addiction impacts the entire family. Involvement in the Family Program is crucial in understanding the recovery process; how addiction and alcoholism have affected your family relationships; and supports sustained recovery.

Weekend Family Therapy groups are offered and designed to begin the healing process, and to deal with some of the pain that occurs in chemically dependent families. Lectures, videos, discussion, and group activities are provided to aid in understanding and healing from the effects of chemical dependency.

Rebuilding the family structure is vital to ongoing recovery and relapse prevention. We bring families together focusing on the emotional, physical and spiritual aspects of the recovery process.

Continuing Care

Continuing Care can be the most critical aspect of recovery. Without support, long-term drug and alcohol recovery is often very difficult. This is where our programs excel – whether it be our outpatient and aftercare programs, or online treatment with eGetgoing, a continuing care drug and alcohol treatment plan that’s right is available for you or your loved one.

Weekly Alumni meetings and online aftercare are offered to help you stay connected and to support your recovery efforts. Sharing experience, strength and hope can only reinforce your sobriety.

Over 2,000 strong alumni organize recovery-oriented activities that are geared to enjoying your new life. Retreats, ski trips, picnics and golf tournaments are just some of the activities you can take part in. The Alumni newsletter is great reminder to celebrate your recovery and enjoy life! 

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