At-Risk Teen Girls More Likely To Engage in Casual Risky Sex

Troubled teenage girls usually believe that casual sex is a normal part of teen life, a new study at Florida Atlantic University discovered.

Professor Josie Weiss interviewed twenty girls ages 14 to 18 years in a program for juvenile offenders. All the girls said they and all their friends are sexually active. Many had unprotected sex. They told researchers that movies, television and music make them believe that sex is commonplace for teens.

Professor Weiss believes that her findings hold for other high-risk teens in other communities. She will present this study this month at the International Nursing Research Congress in Austria.


One in Four Tweens Believe Sex is Normal Part of “Going Steady”

A disturbing study from Teenage Research Unlimited found that half of “tweens” ages 11 to 14 years old are in a steady dating relationship, and one in four believes that sex is a normal part of “going steady.” Almost two-thirds said they knew someone who had been abused by a dating partner, and 25% said dating violence is a serious problem.

The study, sponsored by and Liz Claiborne, involved a survey of 1000 tweens from all demographic groups.

Psychologist Vivian Freedman said this age group is “skipping the stage of walking each other home from school,” and they believe that sex is what you do when you have a boyfriend or girlfriend. Because they are too young for committed relationships, they experience more jealousy and anger.

The study found that tweens have sex in places their parents could not imagine, such as during parties.

Freedman believes tweens today are less happy and lonelier, so they try to fill a void with peer relationships.