Help for Troubled Teenagers

No age or demographic group is immune to the effects of addictions, eating disorders, learning differences and compulsive behaviors. From children to senior citizens, mental health and behavioral challenges pose a very real threat to health and happiness.

However, because the teen years are a period of such significant change, transition and personal exploration, some people mistakenly believe that disorders such as alcoholism, drug addiction and certain behavioral disorders are harmless “rites of passages” or mere phases that everyone experiences.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

As the information in this section indicates, adolescents are at risk for developing myriad behavioral, mental health and learning challenges. And because the teen years are such a crucial developmental stage, the impact and long-lasting effects of these disorders can be particularly acute.

Thankfully, a range of options exist to ensure that teenagers receive the diagnoses, treatment and support they need to identify, address and ultimately overcome issues that can threaten their health.

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