Teen Behavior

Alcohol and Drugs

How teens get into trouble experimenting with drugs and alcohol

Stupid Things Kids Do

Kids make mistakes, they act impulsively and do things without thinking. Parents will want to let their teens learn from their mistakes but watch them and guide them so they don’t do anything that could be dangerous or undermine future success.

Teen Violence

Murder is the second leading cause of death among American teenagers, after car accidents. The teen murder rate here is ten times that of Western Europe and seventy times Japan’s. The majority (75%) of teen murderers know their victims: 27% are family members, and 48% are friends or acquaintances.

Parties can be fun, but they can also get out of control.

Internet and Gaming
The Internet is credited with changing the speed of life – you can find anything fast. However, this ease of access to information has its pitfalls, especially for the young and impressionable. If parents are aware of the risks and learn how to keep tabs on their child’s online behavior, they should be able to prevent the most dangerous behaviors.

Gaming can be another area of concern for parents. Is your teen a video game addict? If your teen has disappeared from his or her life to play online, you should be concerned.

Is This a Problem?

Sometimes parents just aren’t sure if a teen’s behavior is problematic. Should he be working so many hours while in school? Should she be on her cell phone three hours every night? Should I let them go to a sleepaway party out of town? These articles address some of these parental concerns.