Monday, July 06, 2009

Friends Plan Funeral for Teen who Died of Prescription Drug Overdose

Nicholas Blocks grandmother does’nt think he would have wanted his friends to wear black to his funeral. So shes asked them not to. Nick died of a drug overdose earlier this month, and his friends are helping plan the funeral.

“Nicks grandparents gave their blessing for his friends to organize a Celebration of Life service at the North Jetty in Venice beach,” The Charlotte Sun reported. “There, his friends will remember Nicholas.”

The circumstances surrounding Block’s death were described in a June 28 article on the website:

On Friday [June 26], the Herald-Tribune reported that an autopsy showed the teen-ager had opiates, cocaine and tranquilizers in his system. Those findings are consistent with reports from witnesses and police that Block had snorted crushed oxycodone, a potent narcotic painkiller, prior to his death.

The circumstances surrounding Block’s death indicate how accessible powerful prescription drugs have become. When police found Block’s body, they also found supplies of oxycodone, evidence of illegal drugs and his mother, who was unconscious. Witnesses told police that, on the night of the death, Block asked his stepfather for oxycodone. …

Last week, Block’s mother and stepfather — Linda and Billy Jack Courtright — were charged with conspiring to sell oxycodone, in addition to previous charges of child neglect.

Block’s friends are also helping pay for his funeral, which will cost about $3,000, and which his grandparents  who raised him  cannot afford.