Sign: Shool work has declined; grades suddenly slipping or dropping dramatically

“My son was not a top student, but he consistently earned solid Bs and an occasional C. Around the end of ninth grade, teachers started to comment that he was not paying attention in class and was missing homework. He continued to insist that he had done his homework, but the notes continued to come. His next report card showed all Ds and one F. I was shocked! Didn’t he realize the importance of his education? It was only this sudden drop in grades that made me suspicious–something else was going on. I found pot seeds in a frisbee at the back of the closet and a small marijuana roach in his wallet. Although he was angry I searched, atleast now we are talking, and his grades seem to be improving.”

If you know your child usually performs at a certain level in school and he or she has recently shown a drop in performance, this can be a sign of a larger problem. While it might not indicate drug use, it definitely calls for further investigation. Generally if a teen begins to slip academically, that slip will continue without some kind of intervention.