Sign: Hostile or Aggressive Behavior – Afraid of Your Teen

“I never thought I would be afraid of my own child. This kid rules the roost. We walk on eggshells in the hopes that we don’t trigger another rage. He put his fist through the wall last week. I told him I would take the money out of his allowance to fix it and he told me to f*** off. I was stunned. It seems like my son hates me!”

If the mood of your home is controlled by a teenager, you, your spouse, and the other kids in the house are likely miserable. If your teen is this out of control, your best option is to seek outside intervention immediately, especially if violent behavior is involved. If you are afraid of your teen, you need to take action now. He or she knows you are afraid, and this fuels their attempts to get what they want and act however they please.

Usually when it gets to this point there have already been many missed opportunities to turn the child’s behavior around. If your child has been on an increasingly worsening path for a while, it’s important to finally say, “Enough is enough.” Delaying intervention will certainly not fix the problem.