Cocaine and/or Crack

Cocaine can be orally ingested, sniffed, ingested, or smoked (crack or freebase).

What to Look For:

Dilated (large) pupils
Lack of fatigue/sleeplessness
Panic and/or heightened anxiety response
Paranoia (high doses)
Extremely talkative; fast speech
Runny nose or bloody nose
Seizures (high doses; bad reaction)
White powder seen on face or clothes
Small spoon-like items used for snorting
Mirrors and razor blades used for making lines
Rolled money bills used for snorting
Small bottles with screw on lids for storing
Small plastic packets with white residue

Slang: Big C, blanco/blanca, blow, blast, Bolivian, caine, Charlie, Columbian, Girl, Heaven, Happy Powder, Mama Coca, Mojo, Nose, Peruvian, Pimp, Powder, She, Sniff, Snort, Snow, Toot, Star, Trails, White Lady, Stardust. Crack or Freebase (smoked) slang: Badrock, 24-7, Bad, Basing, Boost, Bump, Cloud, Hardball, Fry, Ice, Patico, Piles, Sherms, Whack.