Acupuncture What Is It?

Acupuncture is a centuries-old form of traditional medical treatment that dates to at least the second century BCE. The earliest recorded reference to acupuncture is in a Chinese text that was written more than 2200 years ago.

The fundamental practice of acupuncture involves inserting needles at various points on a patient’s body. Acupuncture has been used in treatment for a wide range of physical and mental health diseases and conditions; it has also been used as an anesthetic as well as for stress relief and general well-being.

Acupuncture is based upon an ancient medical theory that many diseases and conditions are caused at least in part by the disruptions to the natural flow of energy throughout the body. By identifying afflicted areas and properly inserting acupuncture needles, the acupuncturist restores the body’s natural balance and energy flow.

What are the Benefits of Acupuncture Therapy?

Acupuncture has proven effective in treating chronic pain, and has also shown promise for the soothing and relaxing sensation that it promotes in patients who are being treated for alcoholism, other forms of drug addiction, and various behavioral and mental health disorders.

In addition to promoting a sense of reduced stress and overall wellness, acupuncture therapy seems to draw its primary benefits from relaxing both the body and the mind, and encouraging a positive healing relationship between the patient and the acupuncture therapist.

In combination with other relaxation and wellness therapies, including yoga, massage therapy, mindfulness training and related activities, acupuncture therapy is becoming a more common element of comprehensive treatment programs for individuals who are struggling with addictions, behavioral compulsions, and related mental health challenges.

What Conditions/Disorders Does Acupuncture Therapy Treat?

As indicated above, acupuncture therapy has shown benefits as part of comprehensive treatment for alcoholism, other forms of drug addictions, depression, compulsive behaviors such as compulsive gambling and sex/love addiction, trauma recovery, and a wide range of additional physical and emotional issues.

Acupuncture has been used during detox, as part of residential alcoholism and drug addiction recovery programs, in relapse prevention efforts, and as a means of promoting general health and well-being. With stress and pressure often contributing to substance abuse, addiction, and relapse, acupuncture can play an important role when part of a comprehensive and individualized course of treatment.