One Girl’s Experiences Between Co-ed and All Girls Classrooms

At first, it sounded like something from another century, so old-fashioned that I could not imagine I would like being in an all girls school. Even though most boys were fine in my opinion, there were plenty who took over the classroom. After all, I like boys and I didn’t think it could possibly make a difference.

I began to see the differences in about two weeks. Actually being in class, rather than just imagining what it was going to be like was about as different as watching someone on a roller coaster, and actually riding the roller coaster yourself.

Here are the biggest differences that I found:

Girls are more involved in class when there are no boys around. The girls debate more because there aren’t any boys around to yell out “Cat Fight!” and they answer more questions. They also stop showing off and are able to concentrate better because they’re not worried about flipping their hair, giggling, and wondering if their belly rings are visible.

Girls take more chances when the boys are gone. They’re not worried about being too smart or looking dumb.

More importantly, among just themselves, girls treat each other better. There’s no jealousy when one girl gets all the attention. With boys out of the picture, girls help and support each other more.

Without boys in the classroom, you feel more comfortable and safe. It really surprised me how much more I raised my hand, said things when I wasn’t sure I was right, and just felt more excited and into the class when I was at a girls only school.

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