What is a Military School?

Parents often think that military schools are similar to therapeutic boarding schools or other boarding programs for troubled teens. However, military schools are actually very different educational institutions.

Military boarding schools and day schools specialize in educating students in a military-style environment – one that is often modeled on actual military programs like those at West Point or the United States Naval Academy.

In addition to providing students with a highly structured learning environment, military schools also offer a curriculum based on core military values – including emphasis on personal and civic responsibility. Most military schools also require students to participate in relatively demanding athletics programs.

Because of their reputation for educating teens and young adults in a highly regimented, highly disciplined environment, parents often see military schools as viable options for their troubled teenage son or daughter.

While a military program can be an effective educational experience for many students, troubled teens may not receive the high level of therapeutic care they need.

In fact, the parents of teens struggling with risky behaviors such as substance abuse or dependency, aggression, depression or low self-esteem are likely to discover that military schools are not adequately equipped to provide students with the professional treatment provided by therapeutic boarding schools.

Like military schools, therapeutic boarding schools also provide an educational environment based on structure and routine. Unlike military schools, however, therapeutic boarding schools or “emotional growth” focus on providing troubled teens with the professional treatment they need to make a healthy recovery – and to make a successful transition into responsible young adulthood.