Boarding Schools

Top Residential Boarding Schools and Academies for Therapeutic Treatment

Aspen’s therapeutic boarding schools help adolescents who are struggling academically, socially, or behaviorally reach new levels of success. Using innovative, individualized treatment that combines comprehensive therapy, education, recreational activities, and alternative therapies, our boarding schools are an attractive alternative to the traditional school setting. With both single-gender and co-ed campuses, each of our residential programs follows an accredited middle school, high school, or college-preparatory curriculum.

Upon admission, our highly trained clinical staff creates a unique educational plan for each student that incorporates group therapy, individual counseling, and specialized therapeutic experiences such as equine therapy, which are designed to build the student’s personal and emotional skills. In a structured and nurturing environment, with a small teacher-to-student ratio, therapeutic boarding schools encourage personal growth and healthy self-expression, inspire academic excellence, and teach individual responsibility and service to others.

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