Making the Transition from Elementary School to Middle School Difficult for Kids with ADD

The transition from grammar school to middle school may be particularly difficult for children with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), according to a new study from the University of Cincinnati. While ADD symptoms lessen as children get older, researchers found that they worsen during this transitional period.

Drs. Joshua Langberg and Jeffrey Epstein used reports from parents and teachers of 258 children with ADD who were in transition to middle school. Parents and teachers reported that these children were experiencing more stress and difficulties than children without ADD. Children with ADD who were taking medication showed the same disruptions in their symptoms as children with ADD that weren’t on medication.

When children enter middle school, they have to deal with multiple classes headed by multiple teachers; they get more homework; and organizational skills and time management become important. These aspects of school life are very difficult for children with ADD, according to the study.

This study appears in the Journal of Child and Adolescent Psychology.